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Objective Achieved

Features of the System

Future Enhancements

5.1 Objective Achieved

††††††††††† The project achieved following things:

        Blocking incoming and outgoing mails for the administrator specified sender or receiver address.

        Blocking incoming and outgoing mails for the administrator specified content idís in the mail content.

        Checking and blocking of mails containing viruses. This feature makes use of external anti-virus programs whose return status was checked by the filter in determining the further processing of the mail.

        Anti-Spam Configuration control

5.2 Features of the System

        Version Control System:

We made use of the VCS to keep track of the progress of the project. The integration VCS in the Emacs editor itself helped a great deal in managing the project.

        Integration of the filter right into the sendmail functionality. This reduced the overhead in the interprocess communication which is incurred if in case the filter is an externally working program.

        Maintaining the various addresses and the idís in the complex linked list and other hashing schemes made the project more effective.

        Daemon facility that provides the filter to work in the background without any manual intervention once it has started.

5.3 Future Enhancements

††††††††††† Creating advanced GUI using Qt or Ncurses. The addresses that are read during the filter startup are present in the disk file. This disk file needs to be edited in order to change the blocking schemes. This can probably be changed effectively by designing an external program that makes use of GUI interfaces to add/del/modify address or idís from the disk file itself. Thus the disk file wonít need any manual editing.